Birth is probably one of the toughest events we undergo as humans. A baby's body has to squeeze throught the small birth canal to be born. In doing so the baby's head in particular will absorb much of the shock, and the soft bones will yield slightly allowing it to travel down the birth canal. This is called "moulding" and it is important that the mother's pelvis is aligned prior to giving birth, so that this moulding process is uniform.After birth the baby's head will gradually revert to a more normal shape, however if this "unmoulding" process does not take place completely, the baby can be left in some discomfort which they may communicate by constantly crying.It may make latching on and breastfeeding difficult.

Try putting your thumb in your mouth and sucking. Does it feel even? now take your jaw off to 1 side and suck again. Can you feel the difference. Can you feel how having your jaw aligned can affect your abilty to suck effectively and therefore breastfeed. If you think your baby is having problems latching on, consider giving me a call. I can check out their rooting reflex too.

Most babies cope extremely well with the process and emerge contented, happy, able to feed, sleep and grow normally. However for some, recovery can take longer, especially those who had a particularly difficult entry into the world. Babies that are induced, require forceps or are delivered by Caesarean section, where the head does not have a chance to go through the moulding process, may not be the happy contented baby of the adverts.