Most children easily shrug off the rough and tumble of daily life. As life progresses, however there are many incidents which can lead to niggling discomfort, poor concentration, and the ability to sit still, and also more specific problems such as back or neck pain, migraines or headaches.

These childhood problems can be as the result of a difficult birth, the numerous bumps, falls and tumbles that are an inevitable part of childhood, poor posture, carrying heavy bags to and from school or sitting at ill fitting furniture, or spending long periods of time sitting slouched in front of a TV, computer or any other screen.

As a baby develops from infancy to childhood, there are certain milestones that they need to go through to maximize their potential at school. A child who has not crawled may have difficulty in writing, despite having a brilliant imagination. Crawling sets down pathways that cross the mid-line so writing can be achieved. In the 21st century more and more children are left sitting in car seats as babies, or buggies, where their ability to explore is restricted, thus by-passing this developmental milestone. Joy can re-introduce these milestones with games, to set down the pathways that are missing.

The picture on this page shows the uneven level of the shoulders of this child. This could be due to a curve in the thoracic area of the spine. Can you see how her head is not aligned on top of her spine? This could give rise to headaches and neck pain.