"Just a few words to say Thank You for all you have done for me in the last 2 years. Before meeting you life was just full of pain. Thanks to your skill and understanding you have turned my life around. I now have more get up and go because my back pain has gone, my wife and kids are very grateful. I would just like to wish you all the best in Scotland. Once again a very big Thank You. Travis"

"...we cannot thank you enough for what you have done for Travis and our family life and would like to share this with others. Lisa"

Reproduced with kind permission from Travis and Lisa Fricker, Trowbridge

"Joy has been my McTimoney Practitioner for six and a half years, working with me to resolve problems following the birth of my son and through two subsequent pregnancies. She has also treated my eldest daughter for a number of issues.She is supportive of individual goals and shows great empathy to individuals and their personal issues, not just their physical problems. She is a really positive person who cares about her clients, she has helped me to achieve 2 natural deliveries following 2 inductions ( 1 C-section) and I tell all my friends who are suffering, about her."

Mrs Mel Jacob, Trowbridge, Wilts,  Mother of 4

"I had 6 months of not being 'right' after a severe bout of flu. The GP had taken tests, sent me to specialists but definitive no answers. I tried the Bowen Technique and that eased the symtoms but I still was not back to normal. I spoke to Joy at the Ayr Flower Show and immediately realised that she had empathy for her patients. At the same time I spoke to chiropractors but felt a rapport with Joy and her technique, so not long afterwards I started a course of treatment. I felt immediate benefits and improvements to my posture and general well being.

I have recommended the McTimoney Technique and Joy to friends. My 30 plus son, who was having back problems has started a course of treatment is also benefiting."

nmc Ayr

"I would like to thank Joy for all the help she has given me in the past (including the counselling). My headaches have vastly improved - much to the relief not only of myself, but my family also! I have started supply teaching now - with the constant headaches this was something I wouldn't have considered doing before - so Thank You.

To anybody who is considering going to Joy for treatment I would say "go ahead and do it! You will not be disappointed with the results and will wonder why you didn't do it earlier - I wish I had!"

KL Westbury

"After years of pain, 3 unsuccessful trips to the doctor, 6 months waiting list to see an NHS Physio, I was beginning to despair... Months of private Physio got me back on my feet but still sore, after only 3 visits to Joy I can already see and feel a huge difference. Today I refereed my first karate competition in years without being in pain. I'm beginning to feel like my old self again thanks Joy!"

KH Irvine. Read the Review on Facebook