Pregnancy is a time in a woman's life when her body goes through huge changes, physically, mentally and hormonally. As the developing foetus grows, her body adapts. It is at this time that any misalignments in the pelvis, can give ise to pelvic pain either in the sacro-iliac joints or in the pubic symphysis region at the front. Correct alignment of the pelvis means that the baby has optimal room to position himself, for a vaginal birth. This gives baby the best start in life.

Joy works closely with Rosie Wood of Daisy Foundation in Ayrshire, to optimise the work that Rosie does in preparing Mother's for birth and beyond. Joy also works closely with Angela Parinson, a Women's Health Physio, who overs the Mummy MOT in Ayrshire. Together they are helping women post-natally with correcting the issues that childbirth cn bring, and which need correcting as soon as possible agter childbirth. Assessment and treatment is paramount so that Mum can enjoy her new status in life as a Mum.


Here are 2 emails that I received from a local lady. They were received 6 weeks apart, and are reproduced with her permission.

"I was wondering if you could recommend anything that would help with severe SPD pain.  I am currently 37 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby and due to have planned c section a week on thursday, but for the last week i have been in terrible pain and havent been able to sleep at all.  The thought of suffering for the next 10 days is really getting me down.  I have been using a support belt and crutches but I am not having much relief.  I am in constant pain and I am struggling to do any normal activities.

Any help or advice with this would be greatly appreciated, I understand though if i have left it a bit late to do anything.


Janet McSkimming

"Just sending you a wee email to thank you for your help with the pelvic and back pain.  I went into hospital and had my section and my beautiful baby daughter was born with no complications at all.  I can't believe how well it all went and how well I have done since leaving the hospital.  I am back to normal and have been since 3 weeks after the surgery, I have had no pain and my back has been great i was never all bent over like i was after my previous section.  It felt good to be the healthy one in the hospital this time.  I was off all the pain killers just after coming out of hospital.

I have also been to xscape tobogganing last weekend and I am going for a skiing lesson on friday.  I have always wanted to try it so I have decided since I feel so well Im going to take the bull by the horns and go for it.

I will book an appointment to see you in a few weeks to check things are all still ok Thanks again for all your help"

Janet (Mcskimming)

"I had the misfortune of having my waters break, and labour start at 24 weeks, with my first pregnancy. Unfortunately my son was born and did not survive. All the way through this pregnancy I felt that my body was unable to "carry" the added weight in the pelvis. My obstetrician regarded me as eccentric! Soon after this terrible tragedy, I discovered McTimoney Chiropractic, and I swear that it made a huge difference to me being able to carry to full-term my next pregnancy, (in fact she was over by 11 days!) I had McTimoney Chiropractic treament all the way through, and it made a huge difference to how I felt, no heartburn, no back pain, nothing, as pregnancy should be I believe, it is not an illness! My advice is "go for it, you won't regret it!"

JG Basingstoke