Baked Mineral Eye Shadow


Eye Shadow
Category Cosmetics

Create an array of stunning looks with proto-col baked mineral eye shadow trios.

  • Long-lasting trio of eye shadows made from natural ingredients.
  • Designed to work in harmony with the skin.
  • Thyme and lavender are kind to the sensitive eye area.
  • Mica mineral adds a touch of glamour with its subtle shimmer. 
  • Available in 5 beautiful colours.
  • 2.2g.
  • Paraben free.

Available in 5 beautiful colours. 2.2g.  Using natural ingredients and baked minerals, the eyeshadow trios are kind to the sensitive eye area.  Suitable for all skin types.

Key ingredients:

Mica - the soft shimmer comes from the mica mineral, which has natural light reflecting properties.

Thyme and Green Tea - these powerful antioxidants fight against harmful free radicals known to cause great damage to your skin cells and tissue.

Lavender, Rosemary and Magnolia Bark - soft and gentle on even the most sensitive of skin types, they soothe and minimalise irritation.

Jojoba and Safflower - this combination of oils balance and regulate oil production, unblocks pores and contributes towards reducing the length and depth of fine lines and wrinkles.