Vitamin D


vitamin D has many important functions including supporting the immune system and preventing common allergies.

  • Essential for healthy bones and teeth.
  • Utilises Vitamin D3 which has the greatest absorbency rate.
  • Each tablet contains 5000 International Units.
  • 90 tablets.

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Each proto-col vitamin D tablet contains 5000 international units.  Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and is unique because it functions as a hormone whilst the body synthesises the vitamin from adequate sun exposure. With a lack of sunlight people can become deficient therefore it may be necessary to take vitamin D as a food supplement. At proto-col we use vitamin D3 in this supplement which is the real vitamin D, as it is what is synthesised naturally in our skin from exposure to the sun. This type of vitamin D has a greater absorbency rate within the human body and is an essential vitamin only found in very limited quantities of natural food sources. 

Recent studies have shown that sufficient levels of vitamin D can have positive effects on numerous vital body functions including: strength and power, immune function and the prevention of common allergies.

proto-col's vitamin d formulation has been designed by Greg Whyte OBE PhD FACSM of 76 Harley Street London.