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A Joy of Health Clinic..the Natural Way

Here at the Joy of Health Clinic our vision is to help you to regain your health using natural methods. As pain is the number 1 presenting symptom, Joy's main method of treatment is McTimoney Chiropractic, but as a fully qualified aromatherapist she can also recommend oils for a range of situations, from helping you meditate and relax to keeping awake and mentally alert for exams. Joy may recommend exercise regimes depending on your current fitness levels and recommend someone who will be able to help you increase your fitness, from gentle Pilates or yoga to more strenous workouts with a Personal Trainer.

Many of today's illnesses and diseases are caused by diet and lifestyle, and here at A Joy of Health we will help you identify the foods that are contributing to ill health and recommend and supply nutritional supplements by Proto-col. Our top main seller is Green Magic, which is so good for so many reasons and it has so many health benefits. Have a look in our shop for all the ingedients and how they could help you to feel healthier.

So much of our work environments also affect our comfort levels, so advice may be given that will help you identify situations at work that may be contributing to your symptoms, and suggest ergonomic office solutions to help you whilst you are at work, whether that is in employment or home office. The full range of ergonomic equipment can be found in the shop. For more information about how ergonomic equipment could help you, please read more on the "Ergonomic Equipment" page.


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