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McTimoney Chiropractor DC MUCA RGN GCC Reg No 01177

Chiropractic is the largest natural health care discipline in the
UK.  It is a treatment that restores the body to health using it's own healing capabilities, using it's own Innate Intelligence. That's the intelligence that the body has that heals cuts and grazes, and it can do SO MUCH MORE, given the right circumstances. It starts with  being aligned in the spine, the house of the spinal cord, our nervous systems "super highway". If the spine is misaligned then information that travels up and down the spinal cord becomes "scrambled" and health levels drop. Check out the United Chiropractic Association's website for more information.

Nutrition is also very important to health. The body needs the right nutrition to give it the building blocks to repair itself. I recommend a teaspon of Green Magic everyday to ensure that you get your 5 a day, and also collagen supplements to help repair any damage done to the connective tissue in the body, whilst you have been out of alignment "wear and tear"



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