Slim Fizz


proto-col’s new ground-breaking nutritional product slim-fizz is a unique weight loss drink containing high quality Glucomannan, a natural soluble fibre derived from root of the Konjac plant.

  • As featured in the Daily Mail – 20th July 2015.
  • Only 6 calories per serving.
  • Designed to encourage a change in lifestyle.
  • Natural aid to weight loss.
  • Helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels
  • 10 day supply - includes 30 tablets.
  • FREE - Challenge Diet Plan included.

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lose weight fast with slim-fizz

Want to lose weight fast? slim-fizz is a unique weight loss effervescent drink containing ground-breaking Glucomannan, a natural soluble fibre derived from high quality refined Konjac.

At only 6 calories per serving slim-fizz has been specifically designed to help control hunger cravings, reduce cholesterol and help with weight loss, when taken as part of a calorie controlled diet.

dissolves fast for a delicious weight loss drink

Dissolve the delicious orange flavour tablet in water and drink immediately; the tablet forms a high-viscosity gel that gently expands in your stomach to help promote the feeling of fullness by forming what can be described as a temporary gastric band within the stomach and intestinal tract.

The length of time to take slim-fizz will depend upon your individual requirements and weight loss goals. Every box of slim-fizz comes with our Challenge Diet Plan to help you kick start your healthy living regime and achieve quick weight loss.